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Our Mission

Children of Peace Catholic School

is a caring community of children, parents, and professional staff brought together by their faith in God and bringing peace to the world. Our educational program meets the academic and social needs of a diverse student population which includes educating the deaf and hard-of-hearing in a nurturing and safe environment.

Our History

Our present location, in the heart of the Illinois Medical District, is the result of a consolidation of three Catholic Schools: Holy Trinity, St. Callistus, and Holy Family in 1994. The children named the newly formed school by stating they wanted to bring a feeling of strong and loving peace to their community.

Statement of Beliefs

WE BELIEVE that parents are the child’s primary educators. We will work together to assure the child’s individual educational success.


WE BELIEVE, as staff members of Children of Peace, we will:

  • Be a witness to and teach the good news of the Gospel.

  • Guide the students in learning and exhibiting Christian values.

  • Work together to promote human dignity, combat racism, and challenge injustices.

  • Provide a complete curriculum that reflects a culture of continuous, effective, and meaningful learning appropriate to the needs of all.

WE BELIEVE that Children of Peace students will:

  • Serve and care for each other.

  • Value and appreciate each other’s differences.

  • Learn to become independent thinkers and life-long learners.

  • Become friends of nature.

  • Seek peaceful resolutions to problems.

Peace Pledge

I pledge to be a peaceful person.

I pledge to be peaceful in my school, family, neighborhood and community.

I pledge not to fight with others and not to encourage others to fight.

I pledge to set a peaceful example for others to follow, to make my world a more peaceful place for all children to be happy and safe. 

- The Peace Pledge recited every afternoon by students.

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