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Resumes are welcome!

We are not hiring at this time but resumes are welcomed for qualified candidates. Qualified teachers must have a minimum of a Bachelor's degree and have a PEL (Professional Educator License) issued by the State of Illinois. Teacher assistants must have a minimum of 60 college hours.


We have a traditional educational program for students, Pre-K to 8th grade, a specialized program for students who are deaf and hard of hearing in grades Pre-K to 8, and a Montessori program for students ages 3-6. The start date for the position is August 14, 2019.

We provide an academically challenging curriculum in an educational environment that is culturally sensitive and emotionally supportive. We provide a multi-cultural learning environment; our students represent every continent except Australia. Our students also represent the diversity that is Chicago with students representing more than 30 zip codes in Chicago and the suburbs.

Our goal is that every child feels valued, competent, and worthy and our Montessori program

offers a broad vision of education as a guide to life. It succeeds because of its flexibility and individualized learning environment.


If you are interested in joining Children of Peace as a Montessori teacher, please

send a cover letter and a copy of your resume to

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