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Children of Peace Catholic School is the parish school to Our Lady of the Holy Family. Known as the “The Parish With Heart in the Heart of the City", Our Lady of the Holy Family has been essential in helping to make sure the academic and social needs of our diverse student population is met. 

To learn more about Our Lady of the Holy Family , click here to visit their website.

University of Illinois at Chicago has truly become a part of the Children of Peace family over recent years. Being our "next door neighbor", we have partnered with the school, especially the medical school, to ensure a rich and diverse academic learning environment for both our students and the UIC students. 

To learn more about the University of Illinois at Chicago, click here to visit their website.

Founded almost thirty years ago, Big Shoulders is a private non-profit organization that has raised over $285 million to support Catholic schools in Chicago’s working-class neighborhoods.  Funds raised by the Big Shoulders Fund are used to ensure that a quality Catholic education is available to families in need throughout the City of Chicago.  100% of the funds raised by the Big Shoulders Fund are used to support children through scholarships, special education programs, instructional equipment, school facility improvements, faculty support, and operating grants.  

Big Shoulders Fund stands proudly with Children of Peace and supports their efforts in providing an outstanding education for the whole child.

To learn more about Big Shoulders Fund, click here to visit their website.

Rush Medical Center has been a huge supporter and sponsor for our school. Located right down the street from us, Rush has collaborated with us on multiple projects and partnerships between all three of our programs. Especially our Deaf and Hard of Hearing program. 


We are also thankful to Rush who donated the Rush Science Lab to the school as a way for students from grades 3rd through 8th grade to have lab days and work outside of the regular classroom setting.    

To learn more about Rush Medical Center, click here to visit their website.

St. Ignatius College Prep

St. Ignatius College Prep is entering the second year of collaboration with Children of Peace School. Four days per week, groups of 10 St. Ignatius seniors visit classrooms providing tutoring and support to students from Preschool to 8th grade. 

University of Chicago

Through our partnership with The Big Shoulders Fund (BSF), Children of Peace School works in cooperation with instructors from the University of Chicago for our math curriculum from kindergarten to 6th grade. The University of Chicago and the BSF math initiative provide professional development and coaching to Children of Peace teachers with our math curriculum, Everyday Math which was developed by professors at the University of Chicago. 

 Peggy Notebaert Nature Center

We are pleased to partner with the Peggy Notebaert Science Museum this year. Provided through our partnership with the Big Shoulders Fund, educators from the Peggy Notebaert Science Museum will teach a 7-week after school Science Club curriculum. The after school Science Club works with students in grades 3-6.

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