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This is the Deaf and Hard of Hearing  Program...


We are... 

  • a state-approved facility serving Deaf and Hard of Hearing students since 1957

  • the only school within the Archdiocese of Chicago and the only Catholic School in the state of Illinois for students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing from first through eighth grade  

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is Total Communication. It helps the Deaf and Hard of Hearing children learn to live in both the deaf and hearing worlds. The program allows for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students who are capable of learning in a regular education classroom be placed with their hearing peers. Should a student need interpreting services, they will be provided. The students are individually evaluated and placed in the best learning environment for their needs. We believe any child can learn when he/she is in the most appropriate placement that will allow the student to reach their fullest potential.

Our Program

Each child in our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program is exposed to all curriculum areas with a strong emphasis on language and reading. Students are placed in the least restrictive environment (LRE) based on their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). The LRC is one of two classroom environments: self-contained or mainstreamed. Self-contained classrooms consist solely of Deaf or Hard of Hearing students. Mainstreamed students are placed in classrooms with their hearing peers. 

Children of Peace School embraces the concept of Total Communication which incorporates the use of sign language, finger spelling, speech, lip-reading, and auditory training. Each child has the opportunity for individual speech lessons. We offer a continuum of services that includes speech, resource, and interpreting.


Our emphasis on Total Communication makes learning more meaningful and empowers Deaf or Hard of Hearing students to fully engage in the religious, educational, and social life of the school. Due to our emphasis on Total Communication, students learn and understand that language is the connective tissue that enables them to learn and comprehend truth. 

Services Offered
  • Total Communication Philosophy

  • Full curriculum content

  • Continuum of service: speech, resource, interpreting

  • Latest computer hardware/software

  • Phonic FM systems

  • Knowledgeable staff in the use of cochlear implants, programmable and other types of hearing aids.

  • Low teacher to student ratio with qualified, caring & certified teachers

  • Open and regular communication between parents and teachers

  • Parent Support Group

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