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Volunteer Opportunities

Parents are always welcome to serve the school community as a volunteer. Parent volunteers can serve as classroom assistants at the request of the teacher, provide support in the office, or serve as chaperones on field trips and outings. There are specific protocols all parents must complete in order to serve a a volunteer. These requirements are outlined below.


1) Parents must go to and register for an account. When a parent registers they will be able to complete a background check and they will be prompted to register for and complete an online class, Protecting God's Children and Youth. You will also be prompted to complete the Archdiocese Standards of Behavior form.


2) Parents must go to the Mandated Reporter website and complete a brief online course. At the end of the course there is a quiz and after successful completion of the quiz parents will be issues a Certificate of Completion. They should bring that Certificate of Completion to the school office. The URL is:!loginPage.action


3) Parents must complete the CANTS 689 form and the CANTS 22 form.


All forms must be submitted to the principal or the main office.

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