Stay up to date with our 2020-2021 school procedures surrounding COVID-19

The safety and well-being of our students is the most important for this coming school year. We want to continue to give our students a faith-filled education in the safest way possible.
Our tentative start date for this year is August 17th. 
To ensure the well being of our students, we will be following the protocols below. 
Our team is working very hard to finalize plans for the school year which includes coming up with lunch and recess plans for our students.
While this does not answer all the questions you might have as a parent or guardian, please know we are working very hard to send out a solid plan.

All individuals over the age of two will be required to wear a mask throughout the school day. Masks may only be removed during designated activities (such as lunch and recess) and only then if students remain physically distant. 

Building Traffic

Schools will provide pickup and drop-off procedures, walking routes within the school building, etc. Signage on the floors will be used to help traffic flow. 

Cohort Model

Students will be assigned to a "cohort", which will correspond to their homeroom class and will remain with those same classmates throughout the day. Students within a cohort will remain physically as far apart as possible to prevent the spread of the illness. 

Temperature Checks

Parents should take their children's temperatures daily. Temperature checks will also occur as students enter the school building every day. 

Infection Protocols

Students suffering with COVID-19 symptoms and/or positive COVID-19 tests will be expected to quarantine and seek medical attention before returning to school. 

Virtual Learning

Families who are not ready to return to classrooms will still have the option for online learning.