Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Take some time this week to thank a teacher! We love our Children of Peace teachers. They are truly committed to bringing inspiration, love and light to our community whether they are inside the classroom, teaching online, helping with extracurriculars and more! Read below to learn more about how lucky we are to have incredible teachers at Children of Peace School.

All Children of Peace teachers are phenomenal! They take the time to get to know each student's learning style individually and make school seem like a home away from home!

Marie B, 4th Grade Parent

Ms. Helgerson. She is a very nice teacher that cares about her students. She prays for us and everyone. She does care for me and my friends in class. She is the best teacher.

Nylah, 5th Grade Student

Mrs. Varela. She makes me happy. We both like Hello Kitty. She understands if I have a problem with my work and she will help me. I have the best teachers in the whole wide world.

Nylah, 5th Grade Student

We are so lucky to have a teacher like Mrs. Dukic teach our daughter Bethany. She is caring and sets high expectations for her students. All she goes is greatly appreciated.

Carmen, Montessori Parent

Ms. Gibson has been a great addition to the staff. She inspires the students and I have seen great academic improvement in my son from being with her this year.

Corry C, 1st and 3rd Grade Parent

Ms. Varela is very caring and spends a lot of individual attention with her students. She is positive and encouraging and has been beneficial in helping my son's confidence when he is in school. He has enjoyed school so much since being in her class.

Corry C, 1st and 3rd Grade Parent

Ms. Bertha and Ms. Coleman are the best! They have been very important in helping my

children develop and enjoy school. They are truly like second parents at school. I appreciate everything they do.

Corry C, 1st and 3rd Grade Parent

I appreciate that Dr. Pierce who encourage students to use their voices so that the kids can openly discuss class issues and come up with solutions.

Tracy D, 7th and 8th Grade Parent

I appreciate Mrs. Foley for teaching both of my children but for also caring about my family. Her support has been monumental over the past 4 years.

Tracy D, 7th and 8th Grade Parent

I appreciate Mrs. Kach for getting to know the strengths of my children and providing challenging subject material.

Tracy D, 7th and 8th Grade Parent

I appreciate Ms. Young and Mr. Hubbard for stepping in and maintaining a learning environment for my children.

Tracy D, 7th and 8th Grade Parent

Mrs. Kach is a wonderful teacher and she is always willing to help me when I'm struggling with a new math problem.

Lauren G, 7th Grade student

Dr. Pierce doesn't just teach, he helps me prepare for my future.

Lauren G, 7th Grade student

I thank Mrs. Foley for helping me have a better understanding of Language Arts. I'm grateful to have a teacher like you.

Lauren G, 7th Grade student

Mrs. Young, Thank you for your encouragement.

Lauren G, 7th Grade student

Mr. Hubbard, Thank you for believing in me from the start. It shows how compassionate you are about teaching.

Lauren G, 7th Grade student

My daughter’s Kindergarten teacher is Ms.V Gibson. She brings a vibrant yet thorough learning environment to COP. I have watched the children in her class come so far academically, she is definitely an asset in early childhood education. She sets a remarkable foundation that will last a lifetime. Thank you Ms. Gibson for your hard work and dedication. You are greatly appreciated.

Jatarian Dantzler, Kindergarten Mom

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!! My favorite teacher is all of the teachers. I'm thankful for all of the teachers for helping me in school and with my home work.

AJ, 4th Grade Student

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