The COP Dance Program needs YOUR help!

Last year, Children of Peace and Joel Hall Dance center formed a wonderful partnership after Mr. Joel Hall, a professional hard-of-hearing dancer, learned about our Holy Trinity Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Program. Children of Peace is the only Catholic School in Illinois that provides fully inclusive educational and extracurricular programs to deaf and hard-of-hearing students in pre-k through 8th grade. With their “Dance-For-All” approach, Joel Hall is providing professional-grade after school dance lessons to our pre-k to 8th graders. The lessons have fostered a love for dance in our students and allowed them to explore creativity and express themselves while building self-discipline and esteem. Joel Hall has exposed our students to multiple styles of dance including Hip Hop, Ballet, Urban Jazz, and African Dance. We are the only partnership Joel Hall Dance center has for children with disabilities and we need your help to keep it going! Due to a lack of funding for arts education, our dance program is in jeopardy. We are relying on donations to continue this program, which returns January 14th. Help us out by sharing our story with your friends, family, and co-workers and donating to our GoFundMe Campaign: Also, mark your calendars! On May 23, our students are participating in a fundraising benefit, involving a professional dance performance, with Joel Hall Dance Center and St. Ignatius Catholic High School.

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